Sandro, Maje and More of Fashion Group, SMCP to Ban Use of Down and Feather

SMCP Group, a French-accessible luxury fashion company, making a big move towards reducing the use of animal products in their pieces. The group, which is parent company to Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlo and Fursac, have officially committed to going feather- and down-free starting in Fall 2023.

In a statement to WWD, a spokesperson for the fashion group confirmed, “The group is committed through its four brands to having completely eliminated duck and goose feathers by the Fall 2023 season.” The brands will slowly begin to transition out of using these materials, looking for other alternatives in the following seasons. The group says that the full transition will be complete by the upcoming Fall collections.

PETA director of corporate projects Yvonne Taylor comments on SMCP’s choice to remove down and feather as materials, “SMCP’s compassionate decision is great news for the birds who will be spared the agony of live-plucking and a violent death at the slaughterhouse. We celebrate this move and call on other brands to follow suit and cut ties with the abusive and cruel down industry.” In 2020, SMCP Group announced that it would commit to stopping using fur and exotic skins in its products. After the Fall 2018 collection, Sandro stopped using fur, while Maje dropped the use of fur after its Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

As more and more upscale fashion companies announce their ban on fur, exotic skins and now down and feather materials, the move indicates a shift in the fashion industry towards a more animal cruelty-free position. It remains to be seen what other brands will follow suit.

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