Rowing Blazers Mixes Tailoring and Basics for Summer 2022

Fresh from its recent Sperry collaboration, New York-based label Rowing Blazers has returned with its Summer 2022 collection, taking inspiration from vintage American and Japanese sportswear. The collection develops signature Rowing Blazers themes including preppy tailoring, while also introducing elevated basics for the first time.

Tailoring pieces see the use of seersucker, wool and boating stripes, which arrive alongside pieces from the first ever Rowing Blazers collection that have been reissued for Summer 2022. Additionally, the basics line takes inspiration from American sportswear discovered in Japanese vintage shops, with rugby shirts, polos, T-shirts and cross-weave sweats all featured.

Explaining the new collection of everyday pieces, Rowing Blazers founder Jack Carlson said:

“The collection of elevated basics [is] inspired by my visits to Japanese vintage shops and the awesome quality sweats, tees, and polos you find there. I realized they feel fundamentally different from their equivalents that are being produced today. And not just because they’re old. It’s how they were made. So we worked with a group of amazing craftspeople in Portugal to recreate the hand, weight, and knit of our favorite vintage pieces in a range of colors. They’re true basics – no logo, no nonsense.

An important part of the Rowing Blazers world is irreverence: bold colors, crazy collaborations, and a sense of humor – but another, equally important part of our identity is this focus on quality, on timeless pieces that are eminently wearable and will last forever. Sometimes it’s cool to not have a big logo or graphic, and just let the quality speak for itself.”

The full Summer 2022 collection from Rowing Blazers is available now from the label’s web store.

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