RETROKID Taps YTV For Nostalgic Canadian "Keep It Weird" Collection

RETROKID is bringing on Canadian nostalgia with its new YTV collaboration. Digging up gems that kids in the ’90s would have grown up with in Canada — you can almost hear Nicholas Picholas singing “It’s letter time” — shows like Camp Cariboo, UH-OH, Video & Arcade Top, the Halloween special Dark Night, and You Can’t Do That on Television are immortalized in a series of graphic T-shirts and hoodies.

For the announcement, they even brought back the legendary PJ Phresh Phil to show off the collaboration. Known for this laid-back and personal approach to hosting the kid’s program, Phil encouraged a generation to “Keep it weird” and celebrate their individuality during a time when being a “nerd” didn’t quite have the same connotation as it does today.

Priced from $30 – $75 USD, the collection can be found now over at RETROKID.

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