'Remember – the points only matter for a day, but the nightmares will stay with you forever' – Twitter tackles Leaving Cert results as only Twitter can

There’s no escaping Leaving Cert results day, even on Twitter where virtually no Leaving Cert students reside.

Those who do and venture down the #LeavingCert2019 hashtag are subjected to a barrage of ‘good luck’ tweets from brands and politicians trying to muscle in on the attention, the panicked outpourings of parents, guardians, aunts and grannies (who are also partial to posting motivational quotes set against sunset backgrounds or candles), and platitudes from the super successful (financially speaking) who assure us they failed miserably but sure look at them now.

Among the messages repeated ad nauseum by the above for students who are not, for the most part, actually on Twitter are the following:

“The results don’t define you”

“There are many paths to the same destination”

“There is life after the Leaving Cert”

“Regardless of points your best is yet to come”

Indeed.  There is merit, of course, in these messages of support and motivation for students who are likely feeling enormous pressure this morning. However, for those who would prefer a chuckle on this most tense of mornings, Twitter also unsurprisingly steps up to the plate…

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