Recovered Kandinsky Artwork Auctioned for Record-Breaking £37.2 Million GBP in London

Wassily Kandinsky‘s 1910 artwork Murnau mit Kirche II has just sold at auction at a staggering price point of £37.2 Million GBP.

Previously stolen by German Nazis during World War II, the painting was recently found in a museum in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and was recovered by Sotheby’s on behalf of the previous owner’s grandchildren. The Jewish proprietor was assassinated by the Nazi Party between 1939 and 1945 and owned an extensive art collection seized during the war. The descendants of Johanna Margarethe Stern-Lippmann and Siegbert Stern will put the auction’s proceeds toward tracking down further stolen artwork.

Kandinsky’s Murnau mit Kirche II painting was sold via auction by Sotheby’s in London and garnered a record-breaking sale price by a telephone bidder that has yet to be revealed. The £37.2 Million GBP sale marks the highest purchase price for any Kandinsky artwork, with 1913’s White Lines previously holding the title.

Take a closer look at the auctioned painting above.

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