Production Has Begun for ‘Tokyo Revengers’ Season 3

As the final episode of Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown aired over the weekend, official outlets for the popular anime series have confirmed that season three, titled “Tenjiku Arc,” has begun production.

The “Tenjiku Arc” is considered one of the most gruesome yet fan-favorited story arcs in Ken Wakui’s original manga. The 15-second teaser trailer began with a shot of the Yokohama skyline, which then panned to the back of a mysterious figure, who’s dressed in red. As the figure’s hanafuda earrings glistened in the wind, the teaser cuts to a close-up of Tetta Kisaki, the main villain for the anime series thus far. This is followed by a still sequence that reads “Toman’s largest “final” fight begins……” in Japanese. A close-up of Toman’s leader, Mikey, who appears to be both injured and infuriated is then revealed, which is alternated with the mysterious figure pointing towards the viewers’ direction. The next shot depicts a battered and shocked Takemichi, the story’s protagonist. The video abruptly ends with a slide of promotional art, which reveals the mysterious figure alongside the title of the new season. Fans and readers of the original manga will now recognize the mysterious red-cladded figure as Izana Kurokawa, who is the leader of a Yohokama-based gang named Tenjiku.

As of now, no other information has been announced regarding whether Disney+ or Hulu will continue to hold exclusive streaming rights to the series for viewers outside of Japan. But given the time between seasons one and two, it can be speculated that “Tenjiku Arc” is likely to not air until 2024, or 2025. In the meantime, you can watch season three’s first teaser trailer above.

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