POLL: After a decade, which of Mike and Daintre’s Halloween costumes are the best?

Every Halloween for the past 10 years, Global Edmonton weather specialist Mike Sobel and traffic reporter Daintre Christensen surprise viewers – and staff – with unique costumes.

Christensen says they start brainstorming ideas around the first week of October, and come up with two or three options before making the final selection.

They follow two rules: Nothing too scary or elaborate. Since they also start work very early in the morning, they shy away from characters that require a lot of makeup, and from masks that are difficult to speak in.

But for their 10th year, they bent both of those rules: Mike dressed up as masked-mass murderer Michael Myers from the Halloween films, and Daintre Christensen was the bride of Frankenstein. Christensen said her transformation took an hour and several layers of white makeup.

Christensen says her favourite costumes were 2013’s Sonny and Cher. “It was a fairly simple costume and we had a laugh recreating some of their shtick. I had to stand on a platform to look much taller than Mike!”

Sobel’s favourite was 2011’s Invisible Man — so much so, he wore it again in 2017.

His craziest costume memory goes back to before Christensen joined the crew, when the morning news was on from 6 to 8 a.m. “I would wear a different costume for each half hour. That gave me very little time to change in between segments so it was run, run, run.”

So, which of Sobel’s and Christensen’s wacky Halloween outfits was your favourite? Scroll to the bottom to vote in our poll.

2018: Michael Myers & bride of Frankenstein

Mike Sobel as Halloween series character Michael Myers and Daintre Christensen as bride of Frankenstein for Halloween 2018.

2017: The Invisible Man & Werewolf of Wall Street

Daintre Christensen as the Werewolf of Wall Street and Mike Sobel as The Invisible Man for Halloween 2017.

2016: Beetlejuice and Lydia

2015: Back to the Future: “Doc” Brown & Marty McFly

2014: Popeye & Olive Oyl

2013: Sonny & Cher

2012: Dog the Bounty Hunter & his busty wife Beth

2011: The Invisible man & Sue Sylvester from Glee

2010: Gene Simmons (lead singer of the band KISS) and pop singer Justin Bieber

2009: Superheroes

2008: Dracula & Cleopatra

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