People are making thoughtful Valentines cards for those who have lost someone

With New Year’s only just out of the way, lots of us probably aren’t thinking about Valentine’s Day yet – if it’s something we even celebrate.

But the truth is it’s a heartbreaking time of year for those who have lost a loved one.

With romance-themed marketing bombarding us at every turn in the run up to February 14, it’s hard if you’re missing your other half.

A card company has had an idea that might make it a little easier.

Thortful has asked designers to come up with creative ideas for ‘bereaved Valentines cards’ via One Minute Briefs – and they are meant to be a loving reminder that the grieving person is cared about at a time of year that can be tough.

People have been sharing their designs with the company on Twitter, and some are really lovely.

The idea is to recognise the difficult time that someone is going through, whether it’s a bereaved friend or family member.

Designers had different takes on the idea, with some suggesting cards that show someone they are there for them with heartfelt poems, and others with more light-hearted sentiments about spending time together on a difficult day.

A spokesperson for Thortful said to Mirror Online: "we are always looking for ways to be more thoughtful and Valentines day can be really hard for people who’ve lost loved ones.

"We know from customer feedback there’s very little out there for this audience so as all of our cards are created by independent designers we put out a brief to see if we could create some sensitive, respectful content. "

The winning design and and three runners up will become part Thortful’s community of independent creators and have their cards produced.

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