PayPal's Credit Card Will Offer up to 3% Cashback

PayPal is now introducing a new credit card that’ll give you up to 3% cashback for your transactions.

Aptly named the PayPal Cashback Mastercard, the new offering will continue to provide unlimited 2% cashback and all your purchases, but you’ll be able to get 3% cashback instead if you choose to pay through PayPal, whether online, via mobile, or even in-store with the company’s QR codes. Much like the Apple Card, there won’t be any annual fees at all, and you’ll be rewarded the cashback daily as opposed to waiting till the end of the month. With a redesigned user interface on both its website and mobile app, you’ll be able to access your rewards much easier as well.

As for eligibility, existing PayPal credit card users will automatically be upgraded to the cashback program, while new users who sign up with receive a $100 USD bonus over the first $500 USD you spend.

For those interested in applying, you can learn more over on PayPal’s website.

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