Nick Grimshaw and Angela Hartnett confused for Ross Kemp and Angela Lansbury

Former radio host Nick Grimshaw and Michelin chef Angela Hartnett are making waves with the return of their podcast, Dish.

But while they both have a good amount of fame – and now spend their days talking to celebrities over a homecooked meal for the podcast series – they’ve still been the subject of a bit of misidentification. sat down with Nick and Angela ahead of the launch of the third series of Dish to discuss what’s coming up this season, Nick’s transition from radio to podcasting, and why homecooked food helps put people at ease.

The pair are good friends, which comes across in the podcast – so much so that Angela says people often think ‘we’ve known each other for years.’

‘We did meet a while back but we’ve only really known each other since last May, so people are surprised by that. They think we’ve been best mates since we were 10 or something, so it works in that respect,’ she says.

It’s this back-and-forth that people love about the podcast, and it comes through during the interview – such as when Angela recalls Nick was once mistaken for EastEnders actor Ross Kemp.

Groaning, Nick explains: ‘Someone asked me, “Are you Ross Kemp?” I think maybe he meant Roman Kemp, as we were on the radio at the time.’

Angela, too, had her fair share of mistaken identity, still appearing miffed about the whole thing, as she remembers: ‘I got introduced as Angela Lansbury once.

‘[She is] this 90-year-old woman – I was thinking, “Are you drunk or just stupid?”

The pair have had a huge host of celebs sit down and share their stories with them, the conversation broken by Angela presenting a mouth-watering meal, which Nick believes helps make people more open.

‘It feels like people don’t have their barriers up as much, it does feel like they are just coming around for dinner with us,’ he says. ‘You’re obviously happier when you’ve got a meal made by Angela in front of you!’

Asked who their favourite guests have been in the past, Nick eagerly lists off names: ‘Stanley Tucci, Rylan, Dermot O’Leary and Alison Hammond,’ while Angela goes straight for Vernon Kay.

‘We’ve had great guests, everyone is really receptive,’ she adds.

They both laugh as they remember the most surprising story a guest has come out with – Mary Berry declaring she had been to the iconic nightclub Pacha in Ibiza to ‘go clubbing with all her mates in her 70s.’

As for getting starstruck, Angela teases Nick by declaring she knows his – and he admits she’s right when she names Stanley Tucci.

Angela gets nervous around ‘all of them’ – as ‘you don’t know how people are going to react. Some are really chatty, some might not want to say anything. But we’ve had good guests and I think people want to come and talk.’

Fans have embraced the podcast with open arms, with Nick revealing that during their eight weeks off he was hit with messages every days from fans asking: ‘WHERE’S NEW DISH?’

‘People missed it when it was off which was a good sign, and I missed it too,’ he said.

Nick made his name as a radio DJ, and admits it was a ‘weird change’ transitioning to podcasting.

‘I wanted to do radio since I was really little. It was quite a weird change, leaving and not doing the radio every day. Everything I experienced I would be like, “that’s good for radio!” and then I wasn’t on the radio.

‘But I love this because I get to do all my favourite thing about radio – hearing people’s stories, having a chat, but with the added bonus of a plate of food.’

Angela and Nick have a bucket list of stars they’d love to get on the show in future – so if they get their way, stay tuned for Graham Norton and Claudia Winkleman in an upcoming series.

They are also keen to bring Dish ‘on the road’ at some point, perhaps as soon as the next series of the show.

Dish is available to listen on all major major audio streaming services; the first episode of series 3 is out now.

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