New Photos Reveal Just How Close Ariana Grande Was With Ethan Slater on the 'Wicked' Set

Ariana Grande hasn’t commented on her relationship with her Wicked co-star, Ethan Slater, but it may be harder for them to deny that something was going on while their spouses were away. New photos have surfaced from the London set, and it’s evident from the paparazzi’s images that they were often together on and off the set. 

The snapshots, published by the Daily Mail, seem to indicate that even if a physical affair wasn’t happening, there was clearly an emotional connection between Grande and Slater. Their body language makes it look like they are in their own world — a love bubble. When their spouses, Grande’s husband, Dalton Gomez, and Slater’s wife, Lilly Jay, were in town, the four of them “went on double dates” and “Lilly and Ethan also met Ariana’s family together, including her mom and her brother,” according to the media outlet’s sources. The two co-workers apparently wanted to spend a lot of time with each other even when they weren’t shooting. 

When they were on the Wicked set, an insider claimed that they often “spent time away from prying eyes” by hanging out in their trailers together. The source alleged that Grande and Slater “were involved romantically for months before the world found out about their relationship.” If the insider’s rumor is true, then the “Thank U, Next” singer’s timeline is wildly inaccurate. 

Grande and her team seem to be taking the silent approach in dealing with the affair scandal. They might be hoping this will blow over before the cast returns to the Wicked set to finish up the last 10 days of shooting that were interrupted by the SAG-AFTRA strike. However, this story doesn’t seem to be going away and Grande may have to explain what really happened between her and Slater.  

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