‘Men in Black: International’ trailer: More aliens and a new adventure

It took years, but the agents in black are back.

The official trailer for Men in Black: International was released Thursday, 22 years after the original film starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

This time around, Chris Hemsworth as Agent H and Tessa Thompson as Agent M. The film also stars Liam Neeson as head of the U.K. branch of Men in Black (MIB) and Emma Thompson as Agent O.

The action-packed trailer even features a reference to Hemsworth’s character as Thor.

In Men in Black: International, secret agents team up to fight off aliens around the world, while uncovering their biggest threat yet: a mole in the organization.

The original MIB series, which was first released in 1997, had two followup films in 2002 and 2012.

Men In Black: International hits theatres on June 14, 2019.

Watch the trailer video above.

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