Man furious to discover ex’s cheeky friend has been using his Netflix for years

When you break up with someone, it often means you have to break up with their friends and family as well.

One man thought he’d successfully removed all trace of his ex from his life – until one day out of the blue he received a text from an unknown number.

The person messaging was desperate to know whether he had paid his recent Netflix bill.

Problem was, the man, a Reddit user named ChoosingBeggars, had no idea who the text had come from.

He shared screen shots of the Whatsapp conversation that followed on the social media site and it’s a wild ride.

The text read: "Hey have you paid your Netflix account?"

To which the man replied: "Who is this? I don’t have your number saved."

The other person revealed their identity before switching the topic back to the more pressing issue of the Netflix bill.

"It’s [name]. Can you please pay it tonight," they wrote.

"I haven’t spoken to you in years," the man shot back. "How and why do you have my Netflix details?"

They replied that the ex had given them his account log in when they had been dating.

This didn’t sit very well with the account owner.

"You have got to be f***ing kidding… I’ll be changing my password right away," he said.

Unimpressed with this answer, the Netflix user asked him why he was being a "tit" about the whole thing.

"Y are u being a tit? What difference will that make I have it set to log straight in anyway. Just pay it I’m trying to watch something."

The man repeated that he was cutting them off from his account, adding that he "can’t believe the cheek of it".

He also told them to loose his number.

But that didn’t stop the person from messaging again.

"It’s not letting me log in now. Just pay it," they wrote. "What difference does it make if u paying for it anyway. I have nothing to do tonight now and really want to watch Netflix."

Ending the conversation, the man tells them simply to pay for their own account before blocking the number.

Thousands of people have seen the Reddit post, with over 2,000 taking the time to comment.

Unsurprisingly many people were unimpressed with the "friend".

"Sounds like a real piece of trash," said one person.

"That deep-rooted level of entitlement never ceases to amaze and infuriate me," added another.

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