Madonna’s rare photo with three younger sisters during father’s 90th birthday celebrations

Queen of pop Madonna has posed for a very rare photo alongside her three younger sisters, as the family celebrates the 90th birthday of Madonna’s father Silvio ‘Tony’ Ciccone.

In new photos circulating on social media, Madonna, 62, is seen celebrating at her father’s Michigan vineyard, alongside sisters Melanie, 59, Paula, 61, and Jennifer, 53.

Melanie and Paula share both parents with Madonna, while Jennifer is a daughter to Silvio and Joan, the woman he married after Madonna’s mother died in 1963.

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The four sisters have rarely been spotted together over the years – here they are in 1987, at Melanie’s wedding to musician Joe Henry (who’s co-written a handful of Madonna’s hits):

It appeared to be a happy reunion for the Ciccone clan, with Madonna and Melanie shown warmly embracing each other:

Also present at the celebrations: Madonna’s own brood, including eldest daughter Lourdes, David Banda, Mercy, and twins Estere and Stella. Rocco, her son with Guy Ritchie, did not appear to be present.

Also present at the event was Madonna’s brother Christopher, who famously penned a disparaging tell-all memoir about her titled Life With My Sister Madonna in 2008. In the book, Christopher referred to his sister as mean, bossy, sweaty and moody, and claimed that she underpaid him for working for her for two decades.

The once-close siblings reportedly managed to reconcile over a decade after the book’s release.

Christopher posted this video from the event to his Facebook account, showing his very famous sister off to one side, taking photos of her children:

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