MAAP’s Latest Initiative Gives New Life to Excess Cycling Fabrics

When Australian cycling label MAAP were faced with the option to contribute to the growing number of textiles that end up in landfill each year or to address the issue, the brand opted to face the problem head on with a creative solve that not only benefited the environment, but empowered cyclists to be part of the solution too.

Drawing inspiration from the shoe salespersons of the 1980s who would carry around a colourful amalgamation of all available colours rolled into one shoe, MAAP today introduces its OffCuts Program that takes excess fabrics from previous production runs and repurposes them into new styles, starting with the Evade Pro Base Jersey.

Set to mark the beginning of a long-running product initiative, the OffCuts Program is a sustained effort to reduce the amount of fabrics ending up in landfill as part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to their sustainability practices.

The first product from the OffCuts Program is available to buy now in limited quantities from the MAAP online webstore.

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