Lori Loughlin Is Planning to Make a Comeback to Acting

Now that Lori Loughlin is a free woman and is done serving her time in prison due to the college admissions scandal; she’s hoping to look towards the future with a more positive outlook as is open to returning to her love of acting. Loughlin’s desire to return to her normal routine mimics that of her daughter Olivia Jade, who has recently teased she’d also be making a comeback to her popular Youtube channel. Although the family might want to move past this chapter in their life, Loughlin’s husband Mossimo Giannulli is currently serving his five-month sentence, to which he reported for last month. 

Loughlin was released days earlier from her two-month sentence and made it home in time to spend the holidays with her two daughters: Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose. Though the Full House alum has spent decades on-screen acting, her main focus at the moment is her husband. “Lori is still in the moment of enjoying being back at home,” a source told People. “The next big focus is of course to have Mossimo back home. No one can visit him in prison, because of COVID. He stays in touch with his family via phone calls. It seems Lori will put everything on hold until Mossimo is home. She isn’t really thinking about anything else.”

The outlet’s source added, “She previously expressed that she would love to act again at some point. She always loved her career. She loves filming and creating movies. The only focus right now though is to reunite with Mossimo.” Loughlin famously revisited her role as Full House’s Aunt Becky during the show’s reboot, Fuller House. However, she was notably absent during the show’s final season due to her attempting to defend her involvement in the scandal.

However, Loughlin’s return to Hollywood will not be easy by any means and will look a lot more different than Felicity Huffman’s return to acting. Hollywood crisis manager, Howard Bragman, previously told Variety of the two situations that he believes Huffman “handled a very bad situation very well” and exhibited “humility, great class and great sincerity” in fessing up to her misdeeds.

On the other hand, Loughlin and her husband chose to stall on taking a plea deal and maintained their innocence for over 12 months — them doing so could ultimately affect them and the opportunities they are offered in the long run.

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