Kim Kardashian criticised for urging followers to get expensive full-body scan

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to share a medical must-have with followers but was quickly slammed for promoting the expensive procedure.

The full-body MRI, known as the Prenuvo can, was first seen on The Kardashians where mum Kris Jenner underwent one to check her general health.

Kim, who recently broke her shoulder, recommended the procedure as ‘life-saving’ – the only catch is it costs $2,500 (£1,965).

While this might be a small price to pay for megarich families like the Kardashians, some fans didn’t take well to the 42-year-old promoting the treatment.

Kim clarified this was ‘not an ad’ but still got criticism for coming across as tone-deaf in her post.

The SKIMS founder posted a snap of herself next to the contentious Prenuvo machine, which claims to detect 500 abnormalities and diseases.

‘I recently did this @prenuvo scan and had to tell you all about this life-saving machine,’ wrote Kim to her 363 million followers

‘The Prenuvo full-body scan has the ability to detect cancer and diseases such as aneurysms in its earliest stages, before symptoms arise.

‘It was like getting an MRI for an hour with no radiation. It has really saved some of my friends’ lives and I just wanted to share.’

It should be noted that MRIs, or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, produce no radiation anyway.

Kim, whose net worth is an estimated $1.4 billion, faced a rush of comments reminding her some people cannot afford food let alone an expensive scan.

‘Bragging about getting preventative cancer screenings in a time when people can’t afford medications from their pharmacy isn’t it Kim,’ said one follower.

Another added: ‘Love a billionaire recommending preventative care that is totally inaccessible to 98% of your fan base, total vibe.’

Someone else reasoned: ‘Maybe donate some of your millions to get people scanned.’

‘Kim, people are dying,’ joked one person, quoting sister Kourtney when she ridiculed Kim for losing her earring.

While Kim faced the brunt of the criticism, many pointed out it was the fault of healthcare costs, not the billionaire herself.

‘It’s horrendous that “life saving” care is only available to the extremely wealthy. Most don’t have thousands to spend on a scan, and have to wait for an MRI or CT to diagnosis, which puts more financial and emotional strain on low income families,’ shared one commenter.

Kris previously had the scan for her birthday because she wants to ensure she lives ‘to the fullest’ like her 88-year-old mother, Mary Jo ‘MJ’ Shannon.

Speaking on the family’s Hulu show, she said: ‘My birthday’s coming up and every time I have a birthday, I start focusing on my health and I start thinking about what I need to do to take care of myself and be the best that I can possibly be.

‘Getting this scan is very important because it tells me if there’s anything going on in the inside that I should be worried about on the inside.’

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