Hyundai Officially Unveils Its Futuristic Staria SUV

Hyundai Motor Company has officially revealed its futuristic, spaceship-inspired multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) lineup, Staria. Just earlier this month, the automotive company released teaser images of the MPV.

The Hyundai Staria promises next-level mobility solutions with its “inside-out” design approach. The design methodology focuses the process on ensuring the interior aptly expands to its exterior features in order to adapt to consumers’ shifting needs to maximize interior space. On the exterior, the Staria has a streamlined silhouette, easily recognizable by its fluid curve that runs from the front to the back. According to Hyundai, the curvature is inspired by the “halo that illuminates Earth’s horizon during sunrise when viewed from space.” The front is simple and features horizontal daytime running lights that span across the width of the MPV, offering a futuristic glow to the car.

The Staria also features expansive panoramic windows that not only provide a sense of spaciousness for passengers but improve overall visibility. The interior includes various functionalities that come with an elevated and innovative design. With a high-tech 10.25-inch, touch-screen display screen and seamless storage space on top of the overhead consoles, the automotive is free of the cluster, creating a sense of openness for all to enjoy.

The Staria premium model is a 7-seater SUV with high-end, automatically reclining relaxation seats. Furthermore, the lineup includes a 9-seater Staria premium that has the added capability for the second-row chairs to swivel 180 degrees in face the third row. Hyundai offers a range of seating arrangements from two-seaters to 11-seaters, both adaptable for either suitable familial or business use. According to SVP of Hyundai, SangYup Lee, “Staria is Hyundai’s first mass-produced vehicle model that is designed with the ‘inside-out’ design approach. Staria will provide a completely new experience and value proposition to customers through its unprecedented design and innovative features.”

The Hyundai Staria will officially make its digital world premiere in the first half of 2021.

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