Hong Kong singer Eason Chan performs charity concert in empty stadium

Hong Kong singer Eason Chan has become the first singer to perform at the Hong Kong Coliseum after performing restrictions at the venue  – imposed in light of the Covid-19 pandemic – were lifted.

The Live Is So Much Better With Music Eason Chan Charity Concert, which was streamed online, was held in two separate segments at 6am and 5pm on Saturday (July 11).

Chan, 45, held the online charity concert in support of the Hong Kong Live Performance and Production Industry Association. The association supports artists including musicians, dancers and backstage crew members whose livelihoods have been affected due to the closure of performing venues.

Chan’s concert, performed in an empty stadium, was to have created close to 100 jobs.

He was originally scheduled to hold 25 concerts at the same venue in December and January, but these were postponed due to the protests in Hong Kong.

On Saturday, Chan sang five songs, including All About Love and Angel’s Gift, during the 30-minute segment at 6am.

The second segment began at 5pm, kicking off with a screening of the first segment before Chan appeared in a black suit.

He started the show with the song Gloating and sang seven numbers, including You Better Listen To Me and Backstage.

Chan said at end of the show, “Does it feel strange to have no audience? We will clap for ourselves.

“Even if there is no applause, I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has worked hard for this performance and applaud all the friends of the production unit and the company.”

In an interview with Hong Kong media later, he said that he was inspired by Hong Kong singers Sam Hui and Aaron Kwok, who held online concerts in April and May respectively.

Taiwanese hit band Mayday also held their online concert at an empty Taipei Municipal Stadium on May 31.

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