Hong Kong celebrity couple Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin announce birth of baby girl

It is confirmed.

Hong Kong actor Ruco Chan and actress Phoebe Sin are now proud parents of a baby girl after the celebrity couple posted on social media a photo of the new family of three.

The curiosity of netizens were piqued on Saturday (April 20) after Sin posted photos of her celebrating her 29th birthday with Chan without her pregnant belly.

On Sunday, both Chan and Sin posted the photo of Sin carrying their daughter Quinta, with Chan looking on beside her, almost simultaneously on social media.

Chan, 42, captioned the photo, “Welcome to our home. Little Pig-be is here.” He explained to the media that he called his baby girl “Pig-be” as this year is the Year of the Pig and the nickname sounds like Sin’s name.

Sin captioned the photo, “Finally baby Quinta is here!!! Ruco and I welcomed our first daughter to the world and we cannot say enough about how positive our experience was during my pregnancy, delivery and post-natal care.”

She disclosed that their daughter was named Quinta as the letter Q is between “P” (for Phoebe) and “R” (for Ruco), signifying that she can grow up happy and healthy in the care of her parents.

Chan gained prominence after acting in drama serial Burning Flame III in 2008. He is also famous for his roles in other TVB dramas such as The Other Truth (2011), Ruse Of Engagement (2014) and A Fist Within Four Walls (2016).

Sin is a former Miss Hong Kong 2016 contestant. She met Chan when he was a guest judge at the beauty pageant and they dated for about two years before marrying in October last year.

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