Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam announces birth of daughter

Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam is now a dad.

The 40-year-old actor welcomed his daughter with Chinese model Carina Zhang, 30, in a Weibo post on Saturday (Sept 26).

He posted a photo of their hands with their baby’s fist on the microblogging site and also uploaded photos from a pregnancy shoot in which they had dressed up as characters from the Chinese literary classic Journey To The West.

He wrote: “The first time I held you and felt your warmth and your breath was the first time I understood the continuation of life. Adorable baby, you have given me new motivation to work hard. My dear wife, thank you for going through these hardships. I’m not good with words but your kindness is carved into my heart. I will use my life to protect and cherish this happiness.”

Zhang posted on Weibo photos of the couple from a regular pregnancy shoot.

She wrote: “When I first laid eyes on you, kissed your forehead and held you close to me, the hardships of carrying you for ten months and the pain of labour became nothing to me.”

Lam, known for his work on TVB series like epic family drama Moonlight Resonance (2008) and crime thriller Line Walker (2014), had announced his marriage to Zhang at the end of last year.

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