Greg Lauren FW21 Redefines the Meaning of Sustainably Through Repurposed "Scraps"

Los Angeles-based designer, Greg Lauren is emphasizing sustainable reconstruction for its Fall/Winter 2021 collection.

Since the very beginning, Greg Lauren has been repurposing fabrics and producing garments with the intention of utilizing scraps of wastage to create its signature patchwork-like aesthetic. Though the idea of sustainability is largely discussed from collection to collection, the designer himself makes it a point to place creativity first.

“Becoming more sustainable can be a goal, but it can’t be the creative end… Create and then commit to figuring out how to do t in a more responsible, sustainable way. Process, method…source a little differently, reuse, use less, make choices.”

The FW21 collection combines Greg Lauren’s iconic Scrapwork fabric yardage created using scraps from cutting wastage, and Stitchwork, which merges irregularly shaped pieces left over from Scrapwork that creates the unmistakable Greg Lauren mosaic aesthetic of colors and shapes. In tandem with the signature patchwork techniques, the collection features a selection of cargo-inspired pants and jackets, Stitchwork hoodie, and oversized coats.

A key piece of the collection is the 3N1 Parka, a technical design innovation unique to the collection where one garment becomes two entirely different functional pieces. Specifically for this season, Greg Lauren has created a parka that becomes a short jacket and cargo pants. Subsequently, the cargo pants become a short and cross-body utility bag, thus the 3N1.

Throughout the collection, Lani’s Lana Wool and Desert Churros Wool are heavily used, further pushing the brand’s mission towards sustainable creation. Lani’s Lana Wool is some of the first Climate Beneficial wool grown in California, while Desert Churros Wool comes from ethically raised Navajo Churro sheep.

Greg Lauren FW21 draws its incomparable color palette from its natural surroundings, hinting at earthy tones including sand-like colors and green tones that resemble plants and agriculture. The collection accents with a sage and medium and dark blue colorway, focussing on tones similar to pomegranate, tannin and iron, and indigo.

Check out the Greg Lauren FW21 lookbook above and check out how the 3N1 Parka came into fruition below.

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