Go Off-Roading in Style With This Beautifully Restored 1976 Toyota FJ40

From its original off-roading machines to the more recent cult favorite FJ Cruiser, Toyota‘s FJ line has always combined a unique look with versatile performance meant for the backcountry and the roads alike. One shining example of that ethos is the FJ40, a beautifully-restored 1976 Land Cruiser iteration of which is now available for purchase.

Lovingly restored by Missouri’s Classic Car Studio, the car is painted in olive with black and silver accents. Its original odometer reads 110K miles, but as it’s been completely rebuilt and restored it’s only technically been driven just under 11K miles. A factory 2F engine, 4-speed transmission and 5:29 gear ratio serve up powerful performance, with the engine, body and Detroit locker trunk sitting atop 37’ tires. A finishing touch is provided by the sturdy catcher’s mask bumper. Most parts are original, but those that aren’t are certified OEM Toyota parts — no after-market pieces are present.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on this artfully-restored piece of Toyota off-roading history, it’s available through Classic Car Studio now, priced at $46,900 USD.

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