Gaming Heads Celebrates 'Halo Infinite' With Premium Master Chief and Escharum Diorama

To celebrate the highly anticipated launch of Halo Infinite, Sideshow Collectibles and Gaming Heads have now come together to create a premium diorama collectible immortalizing Master Chief’s battle with Escharum.

Depicting an epic contest between John-117 and his new nemesis in the game — a Jiralhanae war chief and leader of the Banished forces on Zeta Halo — the creation measures a foot tall and 17.5 inches wide, weighing a whopping 11.5lbs thanks to its robust polystone resin construction. Both characters boast incredible detail accurate to their looks from Halo Infinite, with Chief brandishing his signature assault rifle mid-flight while Escharum struggles through a knee in the chin with his massive war axe.

For fans of the franchise, Gaming Heads’ latest Halo Infinite Master Chief and Escharum diorama is now available for pre-order over on Sideshow Collectibles for $535 USD, limited to just 1,500 units made.

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