Former YEEZY Designer Crafts Greensboro Chair to Honor Civil Rights Sit-Ins

Cedric Hudson of emerging furniture purveyor, Contemporary Athletics, recently unveiled his latest design: the Greensboro Chair. The furniture item is made from bold Peruvian wood and features rich streaks of black. The mid-century modern-inspired chair’s structure was formed using a series of interlocking joinery techniques. Moreover, upholstery is observed in striking cross sections.

Hudson made the chair to pay homage to the Civil Rights sit-ins. “On February 1st, 1960; one of the most historic civil rights sit-ins was lead by 4 courageous black freshmen attending North Carolina A&T in Greensboro, NC. Upon sitting at the Woolworth lunch counter, the ‘4 freshmen’ were denied service due to ongoing racial disparities,” said Hudson. “Refusing to give up their chairs, they watched as their movement spread & Greensboro became a face of civil rights history.”

Hudson draws parallels with the chair’s bold and durable design to the Civil Rights demonstrators who remained “standing tall and never go out sitting down.”

Check out the Greensboro chair above and then head to Cedric Hudson’s website to view more projects.
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