Fans slammed for wishing for breakup album from Adele who is seeking a divorce

LONDON – Adele once said: “When I’m happy, I ain’t writing songs, I’m out having a laugh.”

So reports of her breakup with husband Simon Konecki, 45 – a charity entrepreneur – after eight years together have generated mixed feelings among her fans.

They have a son, Angelo, born in 2012.

While the fans would like the 30-year-old singer to enjoy domestic bliss, they also revel in her tracking the fragile human condition in heart-felt songs such as Hello and Someone Like You.

They wonder now if the divorce will spur her to pour her heart out in a new album that is eagerly anticipated four years after she rolled out the record-shattering album 25.

One fan tweeted: “It’s like I feel bad for Adele but first thing I thought was this next album gonna be fire.”

But others were quick to shut down such insensitive speculation.

“Adele is separated from her husband and the only thing you can tweet is joy for a heartbreak album?” one netizen blasted.

But there is talk in the media that Adele had long given up on repairing the marriage, and that she is now eager to date again, putting paid to any expectation of a dark album.

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