EV Newcomer Lucid Motors Announces Range-Topping $169,000 USD Air Dream Edition in Two Flavors

Lucid Motors has announced that its forthcoming range-topping Air Dream Edition will now be available in two versions, with the choice of focus on either performance or range.

According to company stats, Performance will deliver 1,111hp and 0-60mph in 2.5 seconds while Range will have 933hp and manage 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds. Both versions of the $169,000 USD electric sedan will reach 168mph and put more than 1,000 Nm of torque to the wheels using dual motor all-wheel drive.

Official range figures, which are released by the Environmental Protection Agency, are not yet available although recent real-world trials of both versions by Lucid put their ranges at 475 and 517 miles, respectively.

Lucid, which is headed up by former Tesla Model S chief engineer, Peter Rawlinson, has yet to deliver a single car despite being in development for close to a decade. However recent funding from the Saudi Arabian Sovereign Wealth Fund, which owns a majority stake, and a $4.4bn USD IPO earlier this year now sees it on course to deliver its first cars by the end of the year.

Lucid will now contact customers on the fully allocated Air Dream Edition reservation list to update their preferred configuration. The only official images available from Lucid, which have been used here, make no reference to which configuration they represent.

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