Erika Koike wants spousal support from Nicolas Cage after four-day marriage

LOS ANGELES – Forgive and forget?

Erika Koike is not in the mood to extend such charity after actor Nicolas Cage filed for an annulment of their marriage.

The shocking news came just four days after they tied the knot in Las Vegas late last month.

Reports then had it that Cage, 55, could have got married for the fourth time in a drunken haste, with a video showing that the pair quarrelled while applying for a marriage licence.

Koike, 34, a makeup artist, and Cage had been together since April last year.

According to celebrity portal TMZ, she will not contest the divorce but will settle for spousal support.

Koike says her career has taken a hit after Cage stated in court documents – to support the annulment – that she had previous brushes with the law, including driving under the influence.

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