Erika Hock Presents "Body Trouble" at L21 Gallery

Erika Hock is a Kyrgyzstani artist best known for creating ethereal curtain sculptures that float between art, architecture and furniture design. Hock is currently showcasing a solo exhibition at Palma’s L21 Gallery, titled, “Body Trouble.”

Velvets and silks become the means by which the artist illuminates the gallery space. Using colors and design principles that hark back to the Bauhaus-era, the Kyrgyzstani artist has made sinuous walls, each colored and designed with gradations of blues, whites, greens, pinks and maroons to generate large masses of color that organize and arrange the space.

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Hock’s work is unlike most gallery art — inviting the viewer to walk and interact with the work on display. An experience that Carla Guardiola Bravo describes as “a sensory meeting point between architecture and object; design and artwork; movement and contemplation.” “Body Trouble” is on view at L21 Gallery until January 5.

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L21 Gallery
Carrer Gremi de Ferrers,
25, 07009 Palma,
Illes Balears, Spain
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