Darkwing Duck to Be Featured in Hour-Long 'DuckTales' Special

Disney‘s DuckTales — the reboot of the classic late ’80s-’90s Uncle Scrooge-based cartoon — is starting back up with six straight weeks of new episodes. Years later, after the introduction of DuckTales, a fan-favorite spin-off would come from the DuckTales world as a stand-alone cartoon in the form of Darkwing Duck.

Aided by his sidekick Launchpad McQuack, Drake Mallard aka Darkwing Duck would act as the protector of the fictional city of St. Canard. The bumbling hero was a combination of Batman, The Lone Ranger, The Shadow mixed in with Ace Ventura. The crime would get solved, but not before a longwinded speech, and unnecessary bodily harm — an important and serious lesson was always taken away from each episode.

Now, revealed in a tweet from DuckTales co-executive producer and writer Frank Angone, it seems an hour-long special will be taking place on October 19 as part of DuckTales’ Season 3 scheduling. The hour-long special will star none other than the masked mallard himself.

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