Christina Aguilera rejected by bar band to join them onstage

Christina Aguilera experienced Hurt yet again last week, in what may be her most embarrassing encounter.

The 37-year-old appeared incognito at a local New Orleans bar last Thursday with impromptu hopes to perform with Cafe Negril’s house band.

The jersey-clad singer wore a baseball cap which covered up most of her face. She asked the band if she could sing a song or jam with his band. Singer Claude Bryant said no.

The band is known as Claude Bryant and the All Stars. Bryant admitted he rejected Aguilera because he had no idea who she was.

Christina Aguilera performs at the Plaza Hotel on Sept. 7, 2018 in New York City.

ande named Billboard’s 2018 Woman of the Year

Some may not remember the Genie in a Bottle singer, however, she was booked for a sold-out performance at New Orleans’ Saenger Theatre on Nov. 10. She was on the road touring her eighth album, Liberation.

She shared the awkward interaction with her fans at the show in the form of a lighthearted story. “So, I went to this little bar and there’s a live band playing,” she said. “I was with a couple of my dancers and I was just like, ‘Let me just get up on stage and jam with this guy. Maybe I’ll sing a song, it could be fun.’”

“But he would not give me the mic,” she added. “He was a little older and he was not feeling it.

I said, ‘Oh, I just wanted to come up and sing.’ and he said, ‘What, are you gonna dance for me?’ I was like, ‘No! I just want to sing a song with you.’

The original video was captured and shared on Twitter. Aguilera can be heard saying, “You don’t want that? Oh, it’s OK. I don’t have to sing,” before being prompted offstage by one of her bodyguards.

The original poster was shocked at how the situation went down. “As if she was denied,” he wrote. “[It] would have been so cool to see her sing.”

Christina Aguilera attends the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 20, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nev.

The video went viral earlier this week. It led WGNO, a New Orleans broadcast station, to reach out for comment from Bryant and get his side of the story. He apologized publicly to Aguilera and claimed that he didn’t recognize her due to her incognito outfit.

“I didn’t recognize her because she had a cap over her head and eyes,” he said. “She didn’t introduce herself to me. I asked her if she wanted to dance and she said that she wanted to sing.”

“So I started playing the beginning riff of the song No, No, No by Bob Marley, but then her bodyguard picked her up off the stage and then she left.”

“Come back Christina,” he added, “You can sing anything you want with us.”

As of this writing, Aguilera or her representatives have not addressed Bryant’s request.

Christina Aguilera at Radio City Music Hall on Oct. 3, 2018 in New York City.

Should there be a Christina Aguilera and Claude Bryant and the All Stars co-headlining tour, you can find updates on their official websites.

The Liberation tour ended Nov. 13 and was Aguilera’s first full tour in more than a dozen years.

As of this writing, she has no scheduled Canadian concert dates.
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