Chrissy Teigen Just Revealed a Raw Look at Her Life as a Bikini Model

Celebrities may appear to have very glamorous lives, but every once in a while we get a glimpse of the time, energy, and dedication it took for many of them to get where they are today. And — spoiler alert: The struggle is real. Take Chrissy Teigen, for example. She wasn’t always followed by the president on Twitter, married to a famous musician, and the brains behind Cravings, her incredible cooking brand. Teigen started as a model, and while she ultimately achieved peak success with a cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, she scrapped and struggled, like so many others, at the start. Her latest Instagram post highlights the amount of tenacity and dedication she committed to her passion and dream of becoming a supermodel — and details the raw, decidedly unglamorous, reality.

Teigen shared a slideshow of Miami Fashion Week pictures, detailing that she felt like she had made it as a swimsuit model after booking multiple shows, writing: “SWIPE! was talking about my days of Miami fashion week and how it was basically my equivalent of walking Paris couture . . . Booking a show at the Setai, walking over the pool, oh my god the excitement, C-class Naomi Campbell coming throughhhhhh!!!!!!”

Sounds amazing, right? But with the trademark honestly and candor that makes us love her, she also shared the less-amazing side of it all, adding, too, from the low pay — $200 a show, minus her agency’s cut — to how she’d “wait 5/6 hours sitting on the floor of the Mondrian to be seen.” AS for the post-show glam life, she had this to say: “Dinner with randos at Prime 112, ordering enough food to take home to eat for the week cause the fashion show money would disappear with agency fees. Sleeping in a two bedroom at the Flamingo with 5 other girls, MEMORIES!”

Teigen’s candidness is a reminder that she was once in many struggling models’ position, busting it to make ends meet. And honestly, we see that same hustle and drive as she builds her Cravings empire. Teigen’s openness as a mother and career woman never ceases to inspire us, and we hope more celebrities follow her lead.

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