Chinese star Jiang Jinfu accused of abuse

HONG KONG • Fans puzzled over why Chinese actor Jiang Jinfu had stayed silent in the past month, not bothering to publicise his television drama, Royal Highness, that had started airing.

An explanation came early this week when his girlfriend – Japanese model Haruka Nakaura – alleged that he had beaten her and caused her to miscarry.

She posted photos that revealed bruises on her face and body.

“Jiang Jinfu’s recent disappearance is related to me,” she wrote.

In another post, she provided more details of the alleged abuse, saying: “You kicked my stomach until I miscarried your child.

“If you were genuinely sorry, you should apologise to me in person, instead of posting on Weibo.”

Jiang, 27, went into damage-control mode after her initial post, writing online: “This month has been spent in repentance and remorse. No matter what the reason is, I should not have raised my hand.”

The South China Morning Post reported that Nakaura also stated that “I worked so hard to help (curb) your violent behaviour.

“Over the past four months, I spent every day by your side and you were the one who had my mobile phone the whole time. How could I have had relationships with other men?”

But while many netizens have expressed shock over the alleged abuse, the New York Times reported that there was support for Jiang too.

Some said he had been brave to admit to what he had done.

Others, reacting to talk about the model allegedly two-timing Jiang, said that if these rumours were true, then Nakaura was not exactly blameless.

But prominent activist Lu Pin was having none of it, saying: “People are always trying to find many reasons to justify the violence and one reason they’ve found is: ‘This woman is not one of us'” – referring to Nakaura’s nationality.

Little is known about the circumstances of the beating, including where it happened.

Nakaura has since deleted her Instagram account, but before doing so, she had posted: “At my lawyers and investigators’ request, I’m sorry that I can’t say any more.”

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