Cecilia Cheung's studio denies her third child's father is 65-year-old Singaporean tycoon

Three days after Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung’s studio confirmed that she has given birth to her third son, her fans are none the wiser about the identity of the child’s father.

On Tuesday (Dec 18) evening, the Weibo account of her studio said a post speculating that the child’s father is either a 65-year-old Singaporean tycoon or Chinese entertainment magnate Sun Donghai is fake. It did not say who the father of the baby is.

Mr Sun, 50, was romantically linked to Cheung, 38, in 2015 when they were spotted together in Beijing and at a restaurant in Singapore with her three friends.

Cheung, who has been silent on social media for the past few months, has been updating posts and posting videos on her Weibo account in the past two days.

She posted a video of her preparing dinner on Monday evening, a photo of her in cartoon spectacles on Tuesday morning and a video of her travelling in a car to a cafe on Tuesday afternoon. In the video, she asked her fans to say hi to her if they bumped into her.

On Wednesday morning, she posted three photographs, including one of her at Hong Kong airport with a group of people, including her two sons and her younger brother, actor Cheung Ho Lung. Her one-month-old son was not seen in the photograph.

Her two sons – Lucas, 11, and Quintus, eight – were from her five-year marriage with actor Nicholas Tse. They divorced in 2011.

According to Apple Daily, Cheung and her family were travelling to Singapore.

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