Catherine Zeta-Jones Busts a Move in Chic Pantsless Look That Shows Off Her Dancer Legs

Catherine Zeta-Jones started her career in the theater, and it looks like she hasn’t lost any bit of her Broadway spirit over the years. In a new Instagram post, the 53-year-old actress showed off her gorgeous legs that have danced on the Great White Way and in the Oscar-winning movie, Chicago. 

Wearing a crisp white shirt and a beige blazer, the chic outfit did not include pants. (See the photo HERE.) Her long legs peered out from under the long shirt and jacket, flaunting her athletic physique. Of course, she paired the pantless ensemble with sky-high black platform heels and her long hair in soft waves framing her face. Zeta-Jones knows how to create a fashion moment!

Calling herself “performy” as a child, Zeta-Jones’ parents knew they had to put her in dance class. “At four years old, my mother bought me tap shoes. I put them on, she tied them up, and that was it,” the Wednesday star told The New Yorker. “My mom took me down to the end of the garden, opened the fence, walked into the chair hall and said, ‘Can you take her?’”

Well, her dance teacher made her mom wait until she was six, but that started her illustrious career on stage and screen. She certainly hasn’t left her hoofing days behind her as she hopes to one day originate a role on Broadway, but for now, she’s reminding us that she still has the moves — and the legs — that brought her to stardom.

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