Breunion Boys: A boy band formed to stop Brexit

On Wednesday morning, the world was treated to the sounds of the Breunion Boys — a brand new five-piece boyband based in Amsterdam.

The group released their first single, Britain Come Back, in the form of a very colourful and somehow emotional music video on YouTube.

Britain Come Back is about exactly what you may think it is — Brexit. The lyrics allude to the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union (EU) back in 2016. Much like Brexit, Breunion is also a play on words — Britain and reunion.

The band was formed by visual storyteller, Julia Veldman. Her mission statement is to ultimately put an end to Brexit. She believes she can do so through the power of music. “A boyband is the nuclear weapon among propaganda,” she said. “If this doesn’t work, nothing will.”

In an interview with Reuters, Veldman shared her reaction to the U.K. referendum. “It was so unexpected and overwhelming. I cried my heart out. It made me feel powerless,” she admitted. Those emotions were what resulted in the formation of Breunion Boys.

“I thought, ‘What else will work better than the voice of Take That, or any boyband’ — the best thing Britain ever gave to us — ‘to convince them to take us back?’” Veldman said.

With hopes to make a difference, Veldman launched a number of social media accounts promoting the group back in September. She tailored a variety of creative captions and puns in order to gain traction and attention on the ongoing “war against Brexit.”

“We hope this shows how much we want brex(s*)*t to stop,” she wrote in a post.

Don't worry Britain we have not given up on you.The breunion boys are live to heal your hearts! ❤ #brexit #peoplesvote #bremain #breunion #breturn

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Band member Joshua Alagbe further commented on the result of Brexit. “Look at how angry the Brits are towards the EU. Now look how many Europeans are angry towards Britain for leaving,” he said.

“Breunion Boys are kind of an answer to that emotion,” the 24-year-old added.

Dutch boyband Breunion Boys in 2018.

Many fans and followers are unsure whether Breunion Boys are a satirical band or if Veldman’s intentions are actually genuine, which is why their social media pages exploded following the release of Britain Come Back.

Regardless of intentions, people are now getting on board, whether they enjoy the music or not. It’s a lighthearted ode to Britain that many are warming up to.

“Some Dutch lads have formed a boyband called the Breunion Boys and released this song in an effort to stop Brexit,” wrote a Twitter user.

“I initially thought it was satire, but on my 46th viewing, I’m not sure. In fact I’m not sure of anything anymore.”

“A Dutch boyband has come to our rescue #BollocksToBrexit,” wrote a British man on Twitter.

Breunion Boys logo, 2018.

As of this writing, there are no official touring plans, but the Breunion Boys hold high hopes to visit the U.K. and spread their message of unity.

“Britain, don’t despair! We have a plan,” they wrote on their website. “We’re going to release a hit single, and through the power of music, get you back.”

Let’s see if it works, boys.

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