Bottega Veneta's $3,081 USD Floral-Beaded Necklace Gets a Little Sibling

Just a few days after releasing its jaw-dropping $3,081 USD floral-beaded necklace comes another spring-ready statement from Bottega Veneta, introducing a smaller floral-beaded sterling silver necklace.

The Daniel Lee-designed jewelry combines a small array of red beads that wrap around a sterling silver construction in the shape of a flower. Centered in the middle is a white bead acting as the decoration’s pistil, while following upwards from this is a large silver attachment that sees the chain threaded through it.

For the chain, Bottega Veneta has opted for a classic box design that’s also crafted entirely from sterling silver — something that’s become of huge popularity as of late thanks to Connell Waldron’s viral silver chain that’s seen in Normal People. The chain leads up to the clasp, which comes in the form of two sliding beads.

Unlike its previous necklace, this smaller version won’t cost you two month’s rent. Instead, the Bottega Veneta floral-beaded sterling silver necklace seen above retails for a more swallowable $617 USD. Head over to to purchase one for yourself now.

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