Billie Eilish's Intimate Tiny Desk Concert Is Like a Soothing Balm For the Soul

Billie Eilish’s latest at-home performance is therapeutic, both sonically and emotionally. Eilish and Finneas O’Connell, her brother and music collaborator, recently participated in the popular NPR Tiny Desk Concert series, which they managed to re-create from home with a cardboard cutout. “It’s still real, it’s just not in-person real,” Eilish said in the video. “I’m honored to be here. I’ve been watching this for years. We have both been watching them for years.”

After offering an intimate rendition of her newest single, “My Future,” which she also recently performed at the Democratic National Convention, Eilish stopped to reflect on the challenging year so far. “Quarantine’s been weird. I know you all feel the same. It’s been weird. We don’t know how long it’s gonna go. There’s barely anything that feels like there’s any hope in, but I think the future is something to be super hopeful in — the unknown and what is to come,” she said. “We’ll be OK one day, maybe not right now. I think that’s what’s been making me hold on.”

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