Beyond Meat Is Releasing Its First-Ever Chicken Tenders

Beyond Meat is expanding its meatless offerings with its first-ever chicken tenders, now available at restaurants across the U.S.

The planet-based chicken tenders have a crunchy outside and a flavorful and juicy inside, sans the animal products. The company says the new product can be eaten in sandwiches, salads, tacos or on their own.

In a statement, Beyond Meat said that its meat-free counterpart scored comparably in consumer tests in overall flavor to animal-based chicken tenders. The tenders are crafted to look, cook and taste like traditional poultry products, and offer 14 grams of protein per serving.

The company first released a breakthrough plant-based chicken product in 2012 and has been an early pioneer in the plant-based chicken industry. The team says it has spent nearly a decade perfecting the Beyond Chicken Tenders.

Beyond Chicken Tenders will be available in hundreds of restaurants across the U.S. beginning July 8th.

Several restaurants, including Subway, Dunkin’, McDonald’s and KFC, have recently added Beyond Meat products to their menus.
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