BBC slammed for ‘sober shaming’ post on Twitter

Their tweets are supposed to entertain and make people laugh, but one of BBC Comedy’s most recent posts has done anything but.

The account has come under fire for "sober shaming" in a tweet about drinking on Christmas Eve.

Dozens of people have replied to the post, suggesting they remove it – and even several BBC writers were left unimpressed.

In a post earlier today, the account shared a tweet saying: "When one of your mates says their not drinking on Christmas Eve."

It included a video clip from The Thick of It starring Peter Capaldi.

In the clip, Peter, who played Malcolm Tucker, is seen furiously yelling at someone, telling them to stand in the corner and not move.

He threatens to perform an autopsy on them if they do move.

The video also contains lots of swearing.

Since posting it, Simon Blackwell, one of the writers from The Thick of It has advised BBC Comedy that they delete the tweet.

He said: "I’d quietly take this down if I were you."

Someone replied to him asking if it was because of the grammar mistake in the tweet, which says "their" instead of "they’re".

However many people ignored the grammar fail and instead focused on the more serious side of things.

Writer Eddie Robson commented: "Another vote for taking this down very quickly from me."

Comedian Marcus Brigstocke wrote: "I’ve been sober for my entire adult life. I struggled badly with addiction when I was a child so I don’t drink now.

"Take this misunderstanding of comedy, context, timing, alcohol dependency and sobriety down. Please."

Another user added: "Sober shaming. Classy as ever BBC."

However not everyone thought it was a big deal.

"Amazing how many people are offended by this," said someone else. "I’m not much of a drinker but I don’t get my knickers in a twist seeing this."

BBC Comedy have since removed the post.

What do you think of the tweet? Let us know in the comments below.

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