Balenciaga's Latest Statement Piece Is a $595 USD .925 Sterling Zip-Tie Bracelet

First, there was Yoon Ahn‘s AMBUSH with its zip-tie bracelet, then came Bottega Veneta’s phone cord set, Virgil Abloh’s Jacob & Co. paper clip line-up, Raf Simons’ skeleton cuffs and, soon after, Demna‘s Balenciaga tool hose clamp accessory. The world of fashion jewelry is one that explores the every day, turning the mundane and ordinary into desirable statement pieces that say “I’m anti-fashion,” even though they very much conform to its decree. Continuing this energy is Balenciaga‘s latest offering, the Logo Hoop bracelet that clearly draws from workwear aesthetics with its zip-tie design.

It’s not the first time Balenciaga has dropped a play on something seemingly simple. We saw its toy bracelet release last year, while in 2020, the house created bracelets that mimicked watches. Now it’s the turn of the zip-tie, a piece of everyday hardware that’s been given a high-fashion makeover thanks to Balenciaga’s use of .925 sterling silver and meticulous laser-engraved detailing.

Available in gold or chrome silver finishes, the accessory sports Balenciaga’s block-caps moniker all around the diameter of the bangle, while two “stoppers” are put in place on the front. Grooves detail the piece all around, contrasting the smooth interior which reads off “Balenciaga Italy” alongside hallmark stamps and the .925 credential.

Balenciaga’s Logo Hoop bracelet retails for $595 USD and can be tried on in-store or pre-ordered online now.

In other news, Tiffany & Co. has dropped a new range of lock bracelets.
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