Arnar Már Jónsson Fluctuates Between Sportswear and Modern Luxury For SS22

Icelandic designer Arnar Már Jónsson’s is fast becoming renowned for his thoughtful approach to technical sportswear. Following an ethereal capsule boasting a range of cozy fleeces, knitwear and parkas for Fall/Winter 2021, Jónsson continues his ongoing process of research into materials and forms for his forthcoming Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

Paying homage to the legacy of Japanese and Italian designers of the 1980s, volumes, fabrications and fastening fluctuate between sport and modern luxury, with nods to the durability of early mountaineering outerwear.

Functional and technical fabrics continue to hold together the collection, with Loomstate Ventile — a raw and undyed material taken from the loom — left untouched for effect, alongside technical wools, water-based PU-coated cotton and more.

Realised with an intentionally muted color palette, SS22 features pops of silver-coated linen and painted cottons, while new natural dyeing methods using Icelandic plants Maríustakkur (Common Lady’s Mantle) and Þistill (Thistle) have also been used.

You can view the full Arnar Már Jónsson SS22 collection above, and keep up-to-date with other releases via the brand’s official Instagram account.

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