André Butzer Presents 'Kirschmichel' at Galerie Max Hetzler

German artist André Butzer has unveiled his latest paintings at Galerie Max Hetzler in Berlin. The show runs concurrent to a joint body of work between Butzer and Jinn Bronwen currently on view at the gallery’s Bleibtreustraße 15/16 location. In the former, entitled Kirschmichel (which is a German cherry dessert), Butzer presents 12 new paintings and two drawings that orbit around the universe of characters he first began exploring back in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Butzer’s work operates between figuration and abstraction and touches on universal themes — from birth and death to hope and hardships. “In my Kirschmichel exhibition something is celebrated,” noted the artist in a statement. “An autumn celebration in spring time. Fertility is an event of the seasons and of the colors. Colors are inherited and the heritage. That’s what is celebrated here. The women and the synthetic men share lines of sight at this folk festival. But they are just images. There’s nothing on them. The alpine countryman drives the cattle down the mountain and Empedocles walks up and plunges himself into the mountain,” Butzer added.

Kirschmichel will be on view at Galerie Max Hetzler until April 15.

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Galerie Max Hetzler
Goethestraße 2-3
10623 Berlin, Germany
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