Andie MacDowell Believes Women Have Been 'Brainwashed' to Think They Aren't Sexy as They Get Older

Andie MacDowell is pushing back again on the narrative that women don’t age the same way as men. She’s here to tell everyone to toss that idea out the window because she is embracing a new way of thinking. 

The 65-year-old actress is taking a page “from the boys” by using the same descriptive terms men get as they get older. “Men are seen as really sexy when they start to get wrinkles,” MacDowell shared with People. “I like all the terms we use for older men. I want to hold onto those terms. I want to be debonair. Why not? What a beautiful term.” Fans would probably agree that the Hallmark star is quite “debonair” with her gorgeous silver-gray hair that she chose to grow out during the pandemic. 

MacDowell believes that women have “been brainwashed” by society with the idea that only men age well while women wither away. “It’s a psychological thing that we’ve bought into because we’ve been fed it for so long,” she added. “We don’t allow ourselves to feel good about ourselves and we even perceive [older men] as sexy, because we’ve been taught this.” The My Happy Ending star isn’t wrong about that sentiment and it’s why she’s been sharing her story about this season of life — MacDowell wants other women to know that they aren’t alone. 

“I was struggling and I’m much more comfortable with where I am right now. I love being an older woman. I really enjoy it,” she said. “And it doesn’t feel less sexy.” Her career continues to thrive because she feels empowered to tackle “complex older woman” roles in Hollywood — and her fans are loving every moment of her busy and booked life.

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