An Asian Student Said He Was Beaten Up By Men Who Yelled "I Don’t Want Your Coronavirus In My Country"

A 23-year-old Asian student said he was attacked by a group of men in London as one yelled at him, “I don’t want your coronavirus in my country.”

In a Facebook post Monday, Jonathan Mok shared images of his bruised and swollen face, described what happened to him, and urged others to be vigilant against racism and hate — even in a global city like London. The city’s Metropolitan Police Department is now investigating the attack as a “racially aggravated assault.”

Mok, who said he has been going to school in London for two years, said the spread of the virus has become an excuse for racism. Although he said he had been repeatedly subjected to racist remarks, he hadn’t believed he would face physical violence.

“However, stories and videos of racially-motivated assaults always seem like they would never happen to you. After all, people might be racist and might say things, but surely, they wouldn’t dare attack you, especially on one of the busiest streets in London?” Mok wrote. “To those people who told me that London isn’t racist, think again.”

Stephanie Baer is a reporter with BuzzFeed News and is based in Los Angeles.

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