9 new podcasts that everyone will be listening to this month

Looking for a new podcast to get stuck into this January? Here are nine of our top podcast picks for 2021. 

We were spoilt for choice when it came to choosing a perfect podcast to plug into last year: from fascinating conversations on Grounded With Louis Theroux to Michelle Obama’s highly-anticipated first podcast offering and, of course, Stylist’s very own Nobody Told Me… series, there was something great for every daily walk, three-hour long bubble bath and intense banana bread-baking session. 

As 2021 kicks off with a third lockdown, it’s likely that we’re going to have just as much free time to discover new podcasts. But where should you start? From a deep examination of sibling relationships to two friends dissecting each and every Marvel film, here are the podcasts we predict will bring you great comfort, laughter, tension, intrigue and pure entertainment this year. 

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    • The Morning After Mix

      Best podcasts of 2021: The Morning After Mix.

      We’ve accepted this is going to be one of the toughest Januarys ever, so ease yourself into it with this two-hour mixtape from BBC Sounds. Gentle new songs and old favourites are mixed together to provide some audio comfort and make you feel better. It’s perfect background noise for that first week back at work or for those long, wintry weekends spent indoors doing chores.

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    • Relatively

      Best podcasts of 2021: Relatively.

      Love them or loathe them, siblings play a massive part in our lives. On Relatively, host Catherine Carr will bring siblings together to talk about the connections they have with each other as adults, as well as what it was like growing up. But she’ll also talk to them separately, to get a private take on the relationship. Expect nostalgia, honesty and lots of teasing.

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    • Desert Island Dishes

      Best podcasts of 2021: Desert Island Dishes.

      Think of the Desert Island Dishes format but swap music for food… and you’re onto a winner. Chef and food writer Margie Nomura returned with a new series of the foodie podcast late last year, and she’s got more episodes lined up for 2021. Be warned: hearing her guests (including Nadiya Hussain and Alice Liveing) talk about food glorious food in such detail will make you feel very, very hungry. 

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    • The Marvel Virgin

      Best podcasts of 2021: The Marvel Virgin.

      Paul is a virgin to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kayleigh, on the other hand, knows everything – and I mean everything – about the MCU (she’s also Stylist’s digital editor-at-large). What happens when the two pals chat after Paul watches each Marvel film for the first time? Irreverent and fun banter, full of factoids for all the other Marvel fans and virgins out there.

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    • Thank You Next

      Best podcasts of 2021: Thank You Next.

      If you broke up with someone last year, you probably want to leave them in 2020 and move on. On Thank You Next, Raj Pander and Hardeep Dhadda invite you to turn your relationship losses into wins. Expect super honest, awkward and embarrassing chats with the hosts and their guests. And it’s not just romantic relationships being discussed here: it’s also about friends, family and work. 

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    • Pepp Talk Podcast

      Best podcasts of 2021: Pepp Talk Podcast.

      Who’s in need of a good pep talk before heading into 2021? Cue: straight-talking Breeny Lee. The love coach and influencer gives her opinion on every situation you may be facing in your day-to-day life. From how to stop being a people pleaser to the truth about fairytale relationships, there is an episode that will speak directly to you right now. 

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    • The Orgasm Cult

      Best podcasts of 2021: The Orgasm Cult.

      In the search for wellness, how far would you go? That’s the question BBC 4’s The Orgasm Cult examines. Nastaran Tavakoli-Far investigates One Taste – a wellness company that is currently facing allegations of sex trafficking, prostitution and violations of labour law – through exclusive interviews with former employees and asks big questions about the wellness industry.

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    • Death Of A Starlet

      Best podcasts of 2021: Death of a Starlet.

      Every podcast roundup needs a new true crime offering, right? Death Of A Starlet is a six-part series by Wondery and the team behind the hit Hollywood & Crime series. In August of 1980, Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten was found dead at just 20 years old. How did Dorothy’s Hollywood dreams lead to her death? Co-hosts Tracy Pattin and Josh Lucas investigate.

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    • Grounded With Louis Theroux

      Best podcasts of 2021: Grounded With Louis Theroux.

      Louis Theroux launched his podcast on BBC sounds during last year’s first lockdown. Here we are again, “grounded” in the third lockdown. So thank the broadcasting heavens that Theroux’s podcast is still going strong with a second series. With recent guests including Michaela Coel, Miriam Margolyes and Ruby Wax, we always know that each episode will be a treat. 

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