40 Times Julia Roberts' Iconic Red Carpet Fashion Took Our Breath Away

Ever since the 1990s, Julia Roberts has done so many things: won an Oscar, become a mother, been declared the world’s most beautiful woman, and of course, influenced the heck out of our fashion sense. Think about it; she has had so many iconic fashion moments over the past thirty years, from her oversized suit at the Golden Globes to the armpit hair moment at the premiere of Notting Hill. And this is all just the tip of the iceberg!

When Roberts hits the red carpet, you know you’re going to see something chic and sleek or fun and flirty. No matter the color, or style, though, Roberts knows how to make a look her own, and it’s given us some serious inspiration over the years.

In a rare interview with W magazine, the Ticket to Paradise star revealed the key to her showstopping red carpet fashion. Spoiler: it’s just all about wearing whatever you like!

However, despite being one of the perpetually best-dressed stars in Hollywood, Roberts revealed she actually doesn’t follow fashion much. She said in the same interview, “You have to wear what you like and not what you get talked into!” Roberts also added that she doesn’t “follow fashion per se, but I love it.”

And we seriously love her red-carpet fashion. From the suit era, the experimentation with leather, and of course, the George Clooney-covered gown, we can’t get enough!

Check out Roberts’ best red carpet fashion moments below!

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