1994 'NBA Jam Tournament Edition' Receives a 2021 Roster Update

The 1994 NBA Jam Tournament Edition is back with another update, and this time it is with the 2021 roster. Players now have the full team of starters and bench athletes from the end of the NBA 2019-2020 season till the present season at their disposal.

The 2017 update had previously delivered LeBron James and Steph Curry to the classic game, truly bridging the real and virtual NBA world. NBA Jam fans can now swap out their Tom Gugliotta or Kendall Gill for Jusuf Nurkić, Alex Caruso, Bam Adebayo, or even LaMelo Ball in their next digital basketball game.

This rendition readies the game for its most updated version, including the latest rookie class and the full 30 teams all available for choosing. In previous editions, not all teams were able to be featured since back then, 30 teams did not exist when the game came out. All the different team logos and uniform colors can now be seen clearly visualized as a part of the latest update.

Check out the newest version of the mod in action in the video below and a glimpse of the secret characters. In true NBA Jam fashion, the players “Allen” and “Cage” are not Ray Allen, and Michael Cage, but Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and Johnny Cage.

Those interested in downloading the NBA Jam 2K21 mod can do so here.

In case you missed it, a NBA Jam documentary is in the works.
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