1987: When The Day Comes wins Best Film at South Korea's Blue Dragon Film Awards

For the second consecutive year at South Korea’s Blue Dragon Film Awards, a movie based on the country’s pro-democracy movements during the 1980s has won the Best Film award.

1987: When The Day Comes was presented with the prize this year at the awards ceremony held at the Grand Peace Palace in Kyung Hee University last Friday(Nov 23).

1987 is a political thriller based on true events leading to the June Democracy Movement in South Korea in 1987. It stars Kim Yoon-seok, Ha Jung-woo and Kim Tae-ri .

Veteran actor Kim Yoon-seok bagged the Best Leading Actor award for his role as a police commissioner in the movie. The film also won in the Best Cinematography And Lighting category.

A Taxi Driver, based on events leading to the Gwangju Uprising in 1980, won the Best Film award at the event last year.

Last Friday, Han Ji-min received the Best Actress award for her role as an ex-convict in the movie, Miss Baek.

The Best Director award went to Yoon Jong-bin for his work in The Spy Gone North, an espionage thriller on a South Korean spy caught in political intrigue after entering North Korea to obtain intelligence on the country’s nuclear programme during the mid-1990s.

The Best Supporting Actor award went to the late Kim Joo-hyuk for his role as a demented Chinese-Korean drug boss in the movie, Believer, which is a remake of the Hong Kong film Drug War (2013). Kim Joo-hyuk died in a traffic accident in October last year.

The Best Supporting Actress award went to Kim Hyang-gi, 18, who impressed in her role as one of the three afterlife guardians in Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds.

The movie is based on a Korean Web comic and follows the journey of three afterlife guardians who are trying to guide a firefighter, who died in the line of duty, through seven trials of the afterlife in 49 days in the hope of gaining reincarnation.

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