Yungblud Gets Candid About the Music Industry: ‘I’m Not Interested in Awards’

Yungblud is on the cover of Fault‘s latest issue, out now.

Here’s what the 22-year-old 21st Century Liability musician had to say…

On the special relationship he has with his fans/community: “I always want to project positivity because that’s what my fanbase does. Yungblud is about promoting hope and unity instead of dividing people. It’s about bringing people up instead of pushing them down, it’s about battling hate with messages of unity and positivity and beating the hate away with a bouquet of flowers – that’s what Yungblud is all about.”

On the music industry: “I was never interested in the music industry games. I’m not interested in awards, they are amazing when they come about but I only care about the number of people I walk out to on stage. The most magical thing to me isn’t the gold disks or creating a smash hit, it’s about the mutual feeling I have with my fanbase.”

On working with Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons) on track “original me”: “I was in New Orleans fighting with anxiety at the time and I received an email from Dan Reynolds saying I think we should get on a song together. I saw him at Leeds fest like 5 years ago and thought ‘I want to be just like him’ because he’s the real deal. He’s a man with an incredible family who stands for incredible things and is a massive advocate for equality in terms of the LGBTQ+ community and the world. We have very similar messages.”

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